Factory tour is also possible

We have a factory tour where you can learn about the history of Hatcho Miso since 1645 and enjoy the modern taste.

Introduction of excellent fermented foods made in Japan

Fermented foods produced in Japan have the function of adding depth to the taste of foods and making them more delicious.

In addition, Japanese fermented foods have the function of conditioning the human body, and those who eat them have a long healthy life expectancy.

Please try Japanese fermented foods.

Fermented Food Seasonings and Fermented Food Additive Confectionery

Hatchomiso pouder

Why don’t you upgrade your daily cooking easily and easily with Hatcho Miso Powder that enhances the taste of your cooking just by topping it?

Sake aroma Chocolate

If you like liquor and sweets, this chocolate is perfect for you. The good aroma of the finest Junmai Daiginjo sake drifting from white chocolate tickles your sense of smell.

Map of Japan

Sake Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen, a traditional German confectionery, is supplemented with sake lees from Junmai Daiginjo Sake, which is brewed in a Japanese sake brewery.

Aichi Prefecture has a wide variety of fermented Japanese foods

Aichi Prefecture, located in the central part of the Japanese archipelago, is a major producer of fermented foods. Here you will find producers of fermented foods such as sake, mirin, miso, soy sauce, and vinegar.

Japanese fermented foods also make American and European food delicious

Such fermented foods are indispensable seasonings for Japanese food, but even when used in American and European cuisine, they bring out the flavor and make the food delicious.

From yakitori, teriyaki, steak to french fries, vanilla ice cream

The high-class miso powder introduced on this website is a very delicious dish with a Japanese taste, not only for yakitori and teriyaki, but also for steak. Sprinkle on French fries for a nice taste. Sprinkle on vanilla ice cream to create a delicious dessert with a whole new taste.

Japanese fermented foods promote beauty and health

Fermented foods in Japan have the function of promoting beauty and health. It is thought that fermented foods have the highest healthy lifespan of Japanese people in the world and the healthy lifespan of Aichi people who eat a lot of fermented foods.

I want you to know the wonderfulness of Japanese fermented foods

We look forward to delivering Japanese fermented foods that make food delicious and improve beauty and health when eaten to your table.