Questions and answers about Japanese fermented foods

We will answer your questions about fermented foods made in Japan that are said to be good for beauty and health.

Q1:What is sake lees.

A1:It remains after squeezing sake from fermented sake ingredients and contains many nutrients.

Q2:What is Baumkuchen.

A2:A high-class confectionery born in Germany and raised in Japan. Based on flour, butter and whole eggs, sugar and nuts are added and baked in a special oven for Baumkuchen.

Q3:Is Baumkuchen a popular confectionery in Japan?

A3:Yes, many Japanese love Baumkuchen. However, sake lees Baumkuchen can only be obtained at some confectionery stores in Japan.

Q4:How many days does it take to receive sake Baumkuchen after ordering?

A4:We strive to reach our customers within one week of receiving an order.

Q5:How many days does sake Baumkuchen last?

A5:The period of delicious eating is 3 weeks when stored in the refrigerator after the product arrives.

Q6:Do you send merchandise directly from Japan?

A6:Yes, we will ship directly from our Japanese warehouse to your American home by airmail.

Q7:Do I buy this product from your website?

A7:No, you will need to purchase the item from our e-bay site.

Q8:What if the item is broken or damaged?

A8:Send us a photo of the item you received and we will ship a replacement immediately. You do not need to return the item.

Q9:Is it possible to cancel after placing an order?

A9:We accept cancellations before shipping the item. Cancellation is not possible after shipping.

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